Welcome statement


 Broomfield Primary School is a very happy and successful school.  In our recent inspection, Ofsted commended us for our ‘excellent relationships throughout the school’ and ‘for having pupils who behave well and are keen to improve their work and achieve well’.


At the heart of our ethos is our emphasis on ‘The Broomfield Way – 6Rs Approach’, teaching children to develop skills for life.  This philosophy supports pupils to become responsible and respectful individuals, whilst guiding them to become learners who are ready, reflective, resourceful and resilient.


It is our aim to promote a happy family atmosphere, enabling children to grow and develop in an interesting and stimulating environment.  We value home school partnerships and share the responsibility with you for educating your child, academically, socially and morally.  We also share the expectation that your child will achieve their very best in every aspect of their learning.


Heather Shelley