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Broomfield Primary School

Social Media Resources

The 5 Minute Mum

Instagram - but also has a book on sale of quick and easy to set up 5 minutes educational games, probably more appropriate for KS1

Instagram - teacher with some ideas for early years



Instagram - baking ideas related to learning and stories



Instagram - Autism Specialist and Blogger for parents of children with delays and disabilities (USA). Including loads of ideas for speech therapy style activities, motor skills development and sensory play



Instagram - online learning, activities and videos from teachers to support with keeping children learning whilst schools are closed



Instagram - Maths and Science activity suggestions gathered together by a Primary School teacher with a passion for Maths and Science


Wilderness Foundation

Instagram - @wildernessfoundationuk and @chathamgreenproject. The Wilderness Foundation is a charity that channels the positive power of nature and wild places to support the most vulnerable people – particularly young people with behavioural and mental health issues, and then teaches people in turn to care for the natural world through direct connections with it, and holistic environmental educations.


Nanny Louenna
Facebook - tips for parents in how to structure their days when self-isolating


KS2 Maths

Facebook – free live lessons daily, covering KS2 Maths and English


Daily Activity Ideas

Facebook - ideas posted daily by the 'Chelmsford Child & Family Wellbeing Service', including LEGO, photography, playdough, self-regulation activities and more. Updated daily.


Free Daily Online Kid’s Club

Facebook – free live daily kids club hosted by professional actors, including music and dance, big craft fun, singing and story-telling, magic and games, and play-time


The 24 Hour Kids Party Online Live

Facebook – 21-22 March including interactive activities, magic, music, dancing, quizzes, singing, science tricks, tuition and much more. This will be recorded so it can be accessed again. Suitable for children aged 1-10


Free Virtual Superhero Party

Facebook – 23 March 3pm, complete with dancing, magic, puppets and more. Suitable for children aged 3-7


Instilling Inspiration

YouTube - aiming to instil some inspiration for children within their homes. Helping to keep all of the young ones motivated with some nice simple activities they can do with their family throughout this period.

  1. Fit4Kids ( – Health and Fitness: Theme: “Doing your Fit
  2. Professor Bubbleworks ( – Science and STEM: Theme “Science Fun in the home
  3. Mindful Minis ( – Mindfulness and Mental Health – “Mindful Minutes at Home
  4. BrainBusters ( – Maths Fun and Puzzles – “Riddle of the Day

"Bedtime Story"

Ask Alexa to "Open Bedtime Story" to hear the device read one of many stories with a moral.

Virtual 3D Animals in your Home

If you search for an animal on your phone/device and click 'meet a life size animal' it appears in your room!! Great fun for children and a good start for a wildlife project. Why not get children to make up stories about the animal, or they could even create their own wildlife documentary.
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