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Broomfield Primary School

Support for Parents

On this page you will find information about outside agencies and services you can access to support you and your family, as well as information about activities that take place in the local area.

Free Parent Workshops

Educational Consultant UK

Visit the Educational Consultant UK's Facebook Page for a range of free Online training events.

Courses and webinars currently advertised include:


  • Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder - 30th May, 8pm
  • Understanding Autism in Early Years - 1st June, 8pm
  • Understanding PDA webinar with Libby Hill - 3rd June, 8pm
  • Autism Awareness 2021 - 8th June, 8pm
  • Basic Awareness of ADHD - 8th June, 8pm
  • Supporting Children's Anxiety and Teaching Self-regulation - 18th June, 9:30am
  • Oppositional Demand Avoidance and Pathological Demand Avoidance - 20th June, 8pm
  • Anxiety and Oppositional Behaviour - 21st June, 8pm
  • Supporting Autistic Children's Play and Interaction Skills in the Early Years - 23rd June, 9:30am
  • Attachment, Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences - 29th June, 8pm
  • Autistic Girls and Masking - 5th July, 8pm
  • Autism and Anxiety - 13th July, 8pm
  • Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder - 15th July, 8pm
  • Speech, Language and Communication Needs in Children under 10 - 19th July, 9:30pm

The Yo-Yo Project - Farleigh Hospice

The Yo-Yo Project will be running two 6-week virtual support groups (via Zoom) - one for single mums and one for single dads - who are caring for bereaved children. It is an opportunity for parents to hear the experience of others in similar situations and find answers to common questions and concerns.


For more information, please contact Sue Jeffery on 01245 457416

Autism Course for Parents (delivered remotely)

Autism Awareness for Children

Online event

Tuesday, 30 March 2021 at 13:00

Price: free


This session all about autism is a session for children to find out more about the diagnosis. The only way to tackle discrimination is to help the next generation to understand our differences and this session does exactly that. We include information autism, interactive quizzes and the chance to ask questions. Suitable for children of any age. To access the session please use the link below;
Meeting ID: 861 2820 1118
Passcode: 861238

Autism Awareness for Parents/Professionals


Online event

Thursday, 1 April 2021 from 19:00-20:30 

Price: free

Duration: 1 hr 30 min


A session designed for parents to find out more about Autism. The session includes information on what Autism means, strategies to support children, other impacting factors and a chance to ask questions. The session has been designed in collaboration with young people. To access the session please use the link below;

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 821 5980 1601
Passcode: 555408

Good Beginnings Course


Date and time

10:00am, 27 Apr 2021 - 11:00am, 6 Jul 2021

This is a 10-week course which runs every term, via weekly pre-recorded webinars for parent / carers to watch at home.


Who is this course for?
For parents / carers of Early Years children aged 5 or under, who have autism or social communication needs.


The aim is to help parents / carers to enhance their understanding of their child’s strengths and needs.


Content includes:
Guidance and strategies for:
• Understanding autism
• Communication
• Play
• Sensory processing
• Behaviour is communication
• Eating, sleeping and toileting
• Managing Anxiety

Autism and Girls

Hollie Mabbott creates weekly You Tube videos to educate others about Autism in teenage girls.


Hollie talks from a teenager's perspective about her Autism, offering an insight into how she views the difference between Autism in boys and girls; why Autistic girls mask; myths and misconceptions; and also offering advice to others. 


Pease be advised this is one person's opinion and experiences of Autism and the impact on their life. 

Resilience/Mental health course 


Are you worried about your child and their independent learning skills?

Does your child struggle to focus or give up easily when they find learning too challenging? 


The Multi-schools Council are running a series of virtual sessions during the Easter holidays for children aged 7-16 and their parents. The sessions are designed to support children manage low level challenges preventing them from accessing their education or negatively impacting their progress. 


For more information, or to book the sessions, click on the document attached below.

ADHD Awareness for Parents/Professionals

Online event

Monday, 29 March 2021 from 19:00-20:30 

Price: free


A session designed for parents to find out more about ADHD. The session includes information on what ADHD means, strategies to support children. other impacting factors and a chance to ask questions. The session has been designed in collaboration with young people. To access the session please use the link below;

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 830 2078 6404
Passcode: 820167

ADHD Awareness for Children


Online event

Wednesday, 31 March 2021 at 13:00 

Price: free


This session is designed for children to find out more about ADHD. The only way to stop discrimination towards our differences is to build awareness into our next generation. The session looks at what is ADHD, includes interactive quizzes and gives children the chance to ask questions. Suitable for children of any age. To access the session please use the Zoom link below;

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 872 8357 8105
Passcode: 296530

Contact - for families with disabled children

Introducing the new 1-1 listening ear service


Many of you may be feeling hugely overwhelmed, confused and exhausted during the Covid-19 crisis and simply don't know where to turn. 

You might be struggling emotionally and looking for strategies to help you cope. Perhaps the lack of any real routine at the moment has badly affected your child's behaviour or sleeping patterns and you are looking for practical advice. Or maybe you just need to talk to someone who understands the extra challenges you face as the parent carer during the national pandemic and who can point you in the right direction to get the family support you need.

To help, Contact are delighted to be able to offer 1-1 confidential phone appointments  with family support advisers for parents looking for a listening ear, reassurance and practical and emotional support at this time.


Visit their website for more information.


SEND Parent Support Groups

Chelmsford ADHD Support Group Monthly Meeting

Meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of each Month (except August and December).

Doors open at 6.45pm for a hot drink and social chat prior to the meeting, which finishes at 9.00pm.

Follow the link below for further information.

Home Start Mid-Essex

Parenting Together Course

Home-Start Essex is among one of the organisations delivering the Parenting Together Support Programme.


Aimed at supporting parents to look at the way their communication impacts on their children and trying to find positive solutions to managing difficulties within relationships.


If you are interested in the programme call 01245 847410, or for more information visit

Services Available through Home Start

Home Start


Services available include:

Big Hopes Big Future - helps children build the skills they need to start school

Early Intervention

Groups - a space for parents to gather, meet and talk

Help to access services

Home Talk

Home Visiting

Supporting Young Mothers


Access their page for more information here


Children's OT Duty Desk

Mental Health Support

Domestic Abuse Support - Boots Pharmacy

Anyone experiencing domestic abuse can go into a Boots chemist to seek support.


If you say the codeword 'ANI', you will be taken to a private room and asked if you want to call 999 or the domestic abuse helpline. 'ANI' stands for 'Action Needed Immediately'.


Ask for Ani.


National Domestic Abuse Helpline:    0808 2000 247

Respect Helpline for  Male Victims of Abuse:    0808 8010327


NHS Mid Essex Phone Line


There's a new crisis Mental Health phone line for adults in Essex. Dial 111 and select the option for mental health crisis (Option 2) for immediate specialist support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Families In Focus - updates and what they have to offer

Services available through Virgin Care

Afasic - Voice for Life

Did you know that Afasic has an app with lots of information for parents about practical tips on how to manage meetings, a glossary of terms, information on speech and language development and useful links?

Raising Awareness of SEND

George at Asda has become the first supermarket in the UK to sell school clothing designed for children with specific or sensory-sensitive needs, such as autism.


The new range is called Easy On Easy Wear and it’s available to buy now.


The new range will have features to make getting dressed quicker and easier, such as buttons with easy close fastenings, softer thread on seams, elasticated waistbands, and care instructions printed on fabric instead of labels. Even with all of these changes, the uniform items look the same as what’s sold in Asda’s regular schoolwear line.




Meadows Shopping Centre - Accesible Shopping

The Meadows Shopping Centre will instigate a 'quiet hour' in the main area and shops from 3pm - 4pm on the first Tuesday of each month. This quiet hour is to support customers who may have sensory needs, such as Autism. Steps will be taken to reduce noise, such as turning down music and tannoy messages, and dimming the lights. 

First Bus - Support when travelling

For some people, travelling by bus can be a little daunting so First Bus have been working with many disability groups around the UK to design some cards that you can print out and show your driver as a way of discretely asking for a little extra help if you'd rather not ask them out loud.


Whatever the help you need, these little cards will either already have an appropriate message for you to use, or you can fill in one of the blank ones with your own request for help.


Makaton Shopping Lists at Asda

As learners we are: Ready Reflective Resilient Resourceful Respectful Responsible